Our Moto:

 The Narcotics Control Wings is working on two-pronged Strategy.

            1. Drug Demand Reduction.
            2. Drug Supply Reduction.

Our Vision:

The Narcotics Control Wings of ET&NC endeavour for drug free Society.

Our Mission:

Prevent and Combat Drug abuse illicit Traffic of Drugs and Rehabilitation of Drug Addicts


Performance in Narcotics seizure during the last two years is tabulated as below;-


S.# Period Charas (kg) Heroin (kg) Opium (kg) Ice/Meth (kg) Alcohol (litre) Accused Arrested
1. 2018-19 930 113 53.8 3.76 24210 154
2. 2019-20 1358 159.500 264.500 5.717 287.500 201


There are 05 Excise Police Station in KP for curbing Narcotics:

    1. Peshawar
    2. Swat
    3. Mardan
    4. D.I.Khan
    5. Abbottabad

ASKAR KHAN (39 Common OMG)






Director Narcotics Control Wing

MASAUD UL HAQ (PMS Batch-2017)





ETO Narcotics Control Wing