Excise, Taxation and Narcotics Control
Department, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Khyber Pass

Excise Office

State Bank

GIS Based Property Tax Solution Module

  • A modern GIS provides both simple point-and-click query capabilities and sophisticated analysis tools to provide timely information to managers and analysis alike. GIS technology really comes into its own when used to analyze geographic data to look for patterns and trends, and to undertake “what if” scenarios. Modern GIS have many powerful analytical tools, but especially important for property Tax are analysis of Proximity, adjacency, containment, overly analysis and evaluating connectedness (finding paths)
  • Property tax collection will be computerize and a GIS Based Property Tax Information System will be in place to streamline the process of property tax collection
  • Record keeping of properties will be improved and the Excise & Taxation Officers and Officials will be able to make informed decisions
  • Identification of Un-assessed and Un-authorized property will be done through new technology of GIS to bring them into assessment and to maximize coverage of properties into tax net. By this the system will be rationalized
  • Transparency in property tax levy and collection take place
  • A real property tax information system linked with a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) will be develop that can provide a spatial dimension and could aid in the analysis of the assessment of real property taxation process till property parcel level
  • GIS interface for the tax payer/citizens will be in place to make them able to easily identify their property on web site & cross check assessment calculations and to perform spatial queries on database
  • Reports can easily be generated on map with precise locations of defaulters