Excise Dept removes 10,000 illegal number plates

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Excise and Taxation and Narcotics Control Department on Monday removed 10,000 illegal number plates and 600 official number plates from vehicles not authorised to use government number plates.

The action was taken during a crackdown on the non-customs paid vehicles and illegal and fake registration number plates.

The department announced to impose a fine of Rs5,000 on each vehicle if found with illegal, irregular or non-computerised number plates after February 11 in the province.

Excise & Taxation Secretary Riaz Khan Mehsud said that over 100 checkpoints were established across the province for checking non-customs paid vehicles and fake and irregular register number plates.

He said the teams would continue operations on a daily basis to discourage NCP vehicles and the use of fake and illegal number plates.

The department on the first day of the crackdown removed 10, 000 fake and illegal register number plates. They removed official number plates from 600 vehicles which were not entitled using green number plates.

Riaz Mehsud said the department would continue an awareness campaign till February 11 and after that, they would impose Rs5,000 fine on each vehicle if it was found using non-computerised number plates.

Director Administration E&T Department, Peshawar Region, Khalid Khan, said the officials had established checkpoints on entry and exit points of the provincial capital.

He said the majority of the people using illegal green number plates were found in Peshawar.

The official said besides other non-authorised people, green number plates were removed from three vice-chancellors vehicles in Peshawar.